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Since the change of Prime Minister in September the general tone of national politics has improved and our nation is better positioned for growth. The removal of a sitting PM by either side will cause concern, but its most interesting to observe how this changed was better planned and generally accepted by the Australian community unlike the Rudd/Gillard switch.

As an experience business leader, Malcolm Turnbull clearly has a greater awareness of the importance of EQ and getting along with others to progress Liberal policies through good processes in the parliament and his party. So far recent national polling confirms that most Australians support for the new PM and his inclusive style. In many ways Turnbull is a mirror image of John Keys the proven New Zealand Prime Minister, a B Commerce graduate who was an accountant and banker before entering politics. They both confirm that a few grey hairs, real business experience and an inclusive style will make a difference in any organisation big or small.

Here I make a leap to another topic that may not have the same impact on our nation, but could result in significant improvements for small and medium businesses. Growth in employment, skills, wealth and exports will depend more on SME’s rather than traditional large mineral based business. Improving SME management capabilities will therefore improve our overall economy.

Last week “Business Owner to CEO” a book written in 2015 went live on Amazon books. Aimed at owners and employed managers who operate in the mid-size business sector with 20 to 200 employees, it focuses on the importance of people and how to maximise their effectiveness. The core of the book is based on the five key things managers must do build a robust organisation for the long term according to management consultant Peter Drucker:

  • Develop plans and long term strategy
  • Find and provide the required resources
  • Motivate and communicate in the business
  • Measure the results
  • Develop the people

Business Owner to CEO is an easy to read book designed for the busy leader that references core management ideas often overlooked in our digital age. It balances theory and proven practice to provide many solid examples that will assist you transition a small business into a scalable mid-sized enterprise that is no longer dependent on the founder or owner. Through the book you will see the importance of building an open business where trust is high (internal and external) and everyone is engaged. Once you have completed the reflection exercises, the final section of the book will assist you craft a balanced plan to incorporate new ideas into your business.

Currently, international trade, innovation and productivity dominate business and political discussion in the media. Too often the importance of productivity and its direct connection to good management is overlooked. But good management and leadership is the key to long term success. As the Author I cannot claim that Business Owner to CEO will assist us win the rugby world cup, but it will deliver bottom and top line benefits for readers wanting positive change in their business. A change for good, just like our new PM!

If you read the book please consider writing a review for Amazon or contact John directly john@bettermanagers.org

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