Time to stop and smell the roses!

In your busy day do you ever take time to stop and smell the roses?

Most mornings I like to take an early walk that often involves weaving through the back lanes of Cammeray and Crows Nest in Sydney, avoiding main roads and noise. I especially enjoy the early walk at this time of year when bushes and trees explode with new flowers, the purple jacaranda being the highlight. The spectacle of nature’s renewal connects the imminent start of a new year for self, family and business. So for me it’s a good time to stop and smell a physical rose and stand back to look up at a tree in wonder. I think about personal renewal and growth and here I share two ideas you may find useful in the coming year.

Culture eats strategy for lunch – Peter Drucker is often quoted as the man who first coined this term and in business today “Culture” is frequently discussed in the Boardroom, C suite and wider business. Culture as a theme in an organisation has so many components that need care to build and maintain. One that resonates for me is the power of positive thought. In every organisation you will know people who either see a half filled glass of water, as half full, or half empty.

Making this quick visual judgement is hard wired, just like personality. Some see the positive half full and some see the negative half empty. There are many resources on the theme of positive thought and its impact on emotion and I recommend Tom Rath’s book “How full is your bucket?” It’s simple, to the point, effective and a quick read. The concepts covered provide a platform to build positive emotions that directly improve employee and client engagement. Most important in this simple book every worker in every organisation will recognise when their manager (and self) needs to switch from negative to positive. In my experience positive leaders tend to build high levels of trust within their organisation, trust increases confidence and that boosts morale and performance.

If you never change your mind, why have one? – Edward deBono a world leader on thinking skills and processes provides my second useful theme. How often do you take a position on an issue and hold it to the very end. On frequent walks outside the business I often ponder current and past issues to seek alternative positions or simpler solutions. Recently during such a walk I decided on an approach to research the “medium” sector of SME’s to identify the practices and concepts that are proven to add most value to the 70,000 Australian organisations that employ 20 to 200 people. For me this is the forgotten sector because most government and media attention is devoted to “small” business (1 to 19 staff) or large (201+). Over the next few months I will share ideas on how I intend to undertake this research and I do welcome the input from any reader who has a view on practices they have seen work.

So what’s on your positive mind as you exercise and how will you continue to learn and grow in your current role? Do you need a change to reach your next level of growth and satisfaction? How are you going to be more positive and leverage new thought processes to improve self and business?

Good walking, thinking and learning!

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