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Business Owner to CEO” is written with a single goal, to assist business owners become a better leader and manager. There are hundreds of topics that could be included in such a book, but John has focused on some core management concepts he used with success at Rockend between 2004 and 2014.

The size, age, or type of your business is not that important, because one element is common to all businesses – People.

It’s highly likely that your business is positioned for growth and is facing market changes. You may be considering hiring ‘professional managers’ to add new skills. Whatever the challenge you are seeking new ideas on how to build a better business and make the changes required to facilitate planned growth and improve day to day operations.

The book has three main parts:

Part 1 introduces initial concepts and various management frameworks that a business experiencing growth and possibly transitioning from one that is owner dependent, to being dependent on managers and its growing workforce. The main theme is to connect the purpose of a business to the people and their importance in the business.

Part 2 the core of the book, is based on the five key things “managers need to do” according to Consultant and Academic Peter Drucker. The late Peter Drucker was widely recognised as the “Father of Modern Management,” in the 1980’s and 1990’s. He dedicated over 50 years to the study of business and the practice of management.

Part 3 provides a framework to develop your vision for the business. It will assist you separate the minor from major issues and provide opportunities for discussion within your management team. Together you will develop a plan that reflects ‘the way we work here’ that addresses culture, business processes, learning & development and a focus on customers, underpinned by clear goals and real action.

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