How we help

Balanced scorecard planning

Our two day managers workshop will take you and your team from theory, through the many business possibilities to the development of a robust and tested balanced scorecard plan for the next year. Every participant will attend a brief pre-workshop briefing meeting to maximise the value of the workshop.

Inhouse manager and leader training

We can tailor and deliver custom learning and development programs that will build new management skills to empower your team and support you build a better, bigger more profitable business. Tell us what you would like to achieve and we deliver your program.

Recruitment process and coaching

People are your single biggest business cost and when well selected and engaged become your biggest asset. We can help improve current recruitment processes and ensure that all hiring managers are competent recruiters. We can also provide on-going coaching for hiring managers for a specific role or to provide skills updates.

Culture and Engagement audits

Peter Drucker said that “culture eats strategy for lunch”. There is no greater truth in an organisation than when the culture fails, the business will decline over time. Discover what your team really think about the business, their managers and whether they are really engaged. Our engagement report provides the foundation data essential to build on what is good and assist you in focusing on what must be improved.

Supporting advisory boards

The role of a Board of Directors is widely understood in public organisations as the representative of the “shareholder”, advisor to the Executive and approver of strategy. Most SME companies do not have access to a Board and therefore may not challenged or tested on key operational or strategy matters. We can assist you establish an advisory board of experts who can provide the new ideas and experience required to build a better business and achieve your business goals.

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